Introducing a revolutionary new way to power your industrial fans

Intelligent Control System

Our Smart Fan Box is an intelligent control system made specifically for industrial HVLS fans. It is aimed to integrate with every major inverter brand on the market.

The Smart Fan Box is made up of 4 components:


Smart Kit Controller

The Smart Kit Controller is Wi-Fi enabled and designed to connect to any PLC inverter to read and write instructions. It automates the fan movement and monitors the environmental conditions through intelligent controls.


Cloud Platform

Our Azure Cloud Platform stores all the data generated by your industrial smart fans. It is private and secure. It allows for seamless access for on-demand reports for performance, errors and maintenance notifications.

Mobile App

Our proprietary Mobile App allows for remote access, auto scheduling and monitoring of your industrial smart fans. It connects with our Cloud Platform to provide real-time data on temperature, error codes and energy consumption.

Digital Twin Dashboard

Our Smart Fan digital twin creates a detailed digital model of physical environment in a single graphical view, this model consists of logical or physical grouping of industrial smart fans which are generating data through sensors.

Made from Industrial-Grade Certified Components

1- Wireless Connectivity

  • Allows data to be stored on the cloud making it remotely accessible
  • 40 dBar antenna

2- Microprocessor

  • Dual Core Wi-Fi and BLE based chip enabling fast response
  • Low Power due to 300 MHz Frequency

3- Communication
Protocol IC

  • Allows robust communication with the inverter
  • Modbus Communication (RS-485)
  • Supports Half/Full Duplex

4- Sensors

Ensure quality through

  • Temperature Sensors (-10 to 85 C ; error 0.4%)
  • Humidity (0-80% ; error ± 3%)
  • Air quality sensors
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • VOC
  • CO2

5- Power Modules

  • Prevents shutdown through dual (AC/DC) power supply
  • 120V AC
  • 220V AC
  • 9 – 35V DC

6- Status Indicators

  • Ultra-Low Power Multicolor LEDs 

Smart Fan Box Cloud Platform

By Utilizing Azure Services


Data Communication

  • IoT-enabled secure data transmission
  • Bi-directional communication using MQTT protocol

Data Analytics

  • Historical data, environmental readings and error codes
  • Data trends in charts and reports
  • Remote troubleshooting


  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Data integrity and security for multiple customers
  • Platform capability to scale with new customers

Admin Portal

  • Registration & Licensing
  • Device Management
  • Audit Logs

Predictive and Preventive Decision

  • Energy consumption trends and environmental forecasting
  • Error occurrence frequency and maintenance alerts

Mobile App with Powerful Features & Functionality

Our proprietary mobile application provides you with practical features: 

  • Remote Access
  • Pre-defined Scheduling
  • Indicates Usage Hours and Informs of Excessive Use
  • Temperature, Humidity and Air Flow Readings
  • Ensures Optimum Air Quality in any Size Room
  • Monitors Usage in Color Coded Graphs and Charts
  • Detailed Info on Fan Performance and Parameters such as Power, Voltage and Costs Savings

Digital Twin Dashboard

Digital representation of Smart Fan Box customers in a single graphical view.

Industrial Fan Data

  • Sensor data like temperature, speed, humidity, warnings, alerts, usage hours etc.


  • Fan
  • PLC
  • Smart Box

Manufacturing Data

  • Part number, unique manufacturing serial number, vendor etc.

Digital Twin Use Cases

For Distributor

  • Fan Status Monitoring (Alerts, Warnings)
  • Maintenance Information (Error Codes, Warnings, Problems)
  • Schedule Visit for Maintenance
  • Fan Downtime

Status Monitor

Breakdown Alert

Repair Offline



For Manufacturers

  • Fans Status Monitoring (Alerts, Warnings)
  • Redesign the Product according to the Data
  • Track and Monitor Distributors Performance


Status Monitor

Detailed BOM List

Weekly/Monthly Reports

Further Improvements

Our Smart Fan Box Converts Your Traditional Fans Into Digital Machines


Comfortable Environmental Control

  • Speed Control and Bi-Directional Communication.
  • Pre-Defined Scheduling
  • Multi-sensor environmental readings

Energy Consumption Management

  • Optimum power performance
  • Real-time, on-demand usage reports
  • Reduce energy consumption.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance

  • 24/7 remote troubshooting for Inverter errors
  • Scheduled maintenance and performance notifications
  • PLC Inverter health check

Goal is to Ensure Compatibility with Every Major Inverter Brand on the Market

Now we’ve done successful Integration with Schneider and Holip to date.  We ensure your Inverter is compatible with our Smart Fan Box, providing you with easy setup, operations and maintenance of our industrial smart fans.

Smart Fan Box Application

Industrial fans are installed in various environmental settings where temperature, humidity and air flow are critical. New constructions, building repairs and maintenance upgrades are done constantly to improve the infrastructure.

Our Smart Fan Box product works best in these settings as the world goes through digitalization and becomes more technology enabled and operated. We have a product that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain, and will ultimately save you money.

Dairy Farm

Warehouse, Large Factories

Subway, Airports

Stadiums, Halls For Expensive Industrial Equipment


Large Residential Properties

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